School can be very challenging but sooner it will get easier and easier as time goes by. The number one thing that distracts people is drama. Drama is full of crap, it doesn’t matter if some “popular” girl is dating the guy that you like that is in your English class. It’s not gonna matter once you’re 25 because you already got a life ahead of you. Once you get to college, you are going to be more focused on getting that 10 page essay finished for your psychology class. In high school, everyone has hormones and are going to act out differently because you are growing into your body and your emotions are like a huge roller coaster at this time. I may be a high schooler myself, but I know what’s important and what’s not important when it comes to school.

Drugs and Alcohol

I know I sound like everyone else, but DON’T DO DRUGS! Drugs can seriously damage you and can take over your life. Drugs can also ruin your social life as well, including your love life. So heed this warning!

Before you take a swig of your mom’s whiskey bottle or smoking your older brothers stash of weed, just listen to this and you will regret even thinking of doing it (hopefully). Even if you take one drink, it can become easily addicting. The thing drugs do is calm certain parts of the brain, and can damage brain cells as well. Because it’s killing brain cells, it makes people act a different way, causing them to be more relaxed and changes their attitude. When people become drunk or high, they have no clue what in the heck they are doing, it’s like a complete blur. Then the next morning, they forget what happened and wake up to some random dude you were flirting with all night. The worst thing that could happen was you used no protection and they could either get an STD or become pregnant. Being high or drunk is the number one way to spread an STD, because people are mostly likely sexually active.

Famous people have died from drugs too, Like Prince and Whitney Houston. Because drugs can be ridiculously super addicting, you can drink to the point that it can damage your body and it will function poorly. You can die from: cardiovascular disease(Heart disease), HIV/AIDS, stroke, ETC…., it’s fine to have in moderation if you are over 21 and trying to relieve some stress. But don’t get carried away with it or it can damage you. To stop the addiction, go to a rehab facility or find other ways to relieve stress or anger. There are people who can help you, don’t think there is no one out there!!!


Bullying is way too common nowadays, it pushes people off the deepend. The bullies bully people because they aren’t happy with themselves and it makes them happier to see people in misery. They do it out of anger and hurt, they don’t know how to manage their anger because they refuse any forms of help. If you or someone else is being bullied, tell a teacher, counselor or an adult that you trust. You aren’t alone on this journey, there are other people out there that have to deal with this kind of stuff, like my friend and co-editor Dakota. For 8 years, she dealt with the daily taunting, it caused her to become depressed. Now, she is one of the strongest people I know, she doesn’t know how strong she is. The worst thing victims of bullying do is feed into to it. It can push them off the deep end, pushing them towards depression and possible suicide. If you are going through this and thinking or planning to commit suicide, call 1-800-273-8255, it’s available 24 hours a day and it’s free! 🙂

Managing Stress

Stress is a huge pain in the butt,trust me I get super stressed easily. A huge stressor is school, a bunch of teachers who aren’t so evil are expecting you to do a huge amount of homework in one night. Sometimes you just need to lay off a little bit and take a break from it. I have many different coping mechanisms when it comes to stress, sometimes I either listen to music,play my clarinet or another instrument if I have access to one or watch Daniel Tiger’s neighborhood(Please don’t judge me :)!!). People have different ways to cope with stress, whether it’s yoga or sports to channel all their anger. The worse way to cope with stress is drugs,cutting or smoking. Not only does it make you feel a certain way, it can really damage your body, including huge death risks.

Should you use the word love at a young age?

Love is a big word, people usually use it, even hormonal teenage high school students. It’s a very strong word when it comes to relationships, it shows a sign of trust, you are basically giving them your life. People can also take that word for granted, and can mess with someone’s trust. There are super cruel people out there who just want to mess with different people’s minds. Whereas people do it to mess with minds, some people really do mean it. That’s when marriage comes in place, that’s when the word love comes in place. People say that it’s just a piece of paper, it’s really not. Now i’m not an expert on love, but I know that marriage means a lot more to different people. It’s when you finally decide that you want to be with someone through sickness and through health, your other half, the peanut butter to your jelly, the cheese to your grilled cheese, someone you can trust till the end of time.


Anxiety is very common, it has a huge impact on your life and it’s super hard to control. I know this because I have super bad anxiety. DON’T ever let it take over your life, it’s just not worth it. In Junior high, I struggled so much with it, to the point where I had to see a therapist that was at my junior high every Tuesday. The best thing to do is find hobbies that you will enjoy doing, like Yoga or writing in a journal every night. You are NOT alone on this journey! 🙂 🙂

Introduction to Advice On Life

Hey there guys, my name is Dani and my dream is to have a very popular blog that people talk about around the world. This basically started out as a power point on Google Drive, now it has became public for everyone who is on the internet. My goal for this blog is to give advice to my fellow teens with social and sticky situations ranging from crushes to troubles in school! Anyway enough about me, I hope this blog will help you with everything! 🙂